Customer Bulletin - Update

November 5, 2021 

Hello from your friends at TYTUS Grills!  

In our most recent customer bulletin (posted on September 30, 2021), we wrote about grease flair-ups and referenced a small number of reported incidents describing grease fires within the grease trays of our grills. After careful review, we determined that these incidents were most likely caused by a buildup of an excessive amount of grease and debris in our grease trays. While we believe these incidents likely involved use and operation outside of the recommended use guidelines provided in our user manuals, we take these reports very seriously and have been working to develop an enhanced grease tray that will help to reduce the possibility of these occurrences.  

This bulletin is to inform you, our valued customer, that our engineering team has succeeded in designing a new grease tray that will fit all existing TYTUS grill models, including yours, and it will help reduce grease-related flair-ups for grills that are used within the guidelines specified in our use and care materials.  

Remember, an excessive buildup of grease and/or debris in the grease tray, regardless of its design, could become unsafe. Please take care to maintain it as specified in our user manual to ensure that your TYTUS grill remains safe, effective, and best in class for years to come.   

We are presently producing new grease trays for every single owner of a TYTUS grill AT NO COST to the owner. This is a natural extension of our promise at TYTUS Grills to maintain product quality, safety, and innovation as our highest priorities. 

We will send you an enhanced grease tray at no cost, but to do so, we need your most up-to-date address. Please visit to update your contact information; we anticipate shipment of the new grease trays to begin within the next three weeks.  Once you receive the new grease tray, you should insert it in your TYTUS Grill in the same way you inserted the prior tray. Then, dispose of the old tray. 

In the meantime, while you continue to enjoy your TYTUS Grill, PLEASE BE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SET FORTH IN THE USER MANUAL AND THE SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 BULLETIN. We have included the cleaning and maintenance instructions from our user manual herein for ease of reference. 

We thank you for your business, and we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with quality products and excellent customer service.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  You may reach me directly at  


Thomas E. McKinney II 

President, TYTUS Grills 




The following are essential safety measures to follow regarding cleaning and maintenance of your grill, which are outlined in your TYTUS User Manual:   

  • The grease draining tray and heat shield should be inspected before each use to reduce the chance of fire.  Remove grease and wash the grease tray with mild soap and warm water BEFORE EACH USE 
  •  WARNING: Grease can get very hot.  Always handle the grease tray with a flame retardant BBQ mitt.  Before removing the tray, always be sure that the grill has adequately cooled.  Be aware that the tray contains grease and be extremely careful when removing the tray to prevent spillage.  Failure to follow these instructions could cause serious injury or property damage.   
  • To reduce the chance of fire or flare-ups, the flame tamers should be cleaned whenever food or grease drippings accumulate.  Brush the flame tamers with a fiber-type brush and turn them over to let the burner heat burn off any food residue.  The flame tamers will work equally well on either side.  Do NOT immerse the flame tamers in water. 
  • If you are cooking meats or food containing a high volume of fat, excess grease may be produced, which may increase the likelihood of fire and flare-ups. 

Before each use of your grill, you should: 

  • inspect the grease tray, flame tamers, and the inside of the grill bowl to be sure there is no excessive grease or debris buildup; and 
  • clean the grease tray, flame tamers, and the inside of the grill bowl to eliminate grease or debris buildup to alleviate the risk of grease fires.   


The following are instructions, as stated in your TYTUS User Manual, for cleaning various parts of your TYTUS Grill: 

Cooking Grates 

Wipe your cooking grates with a clean cloth and apply a thin layer of cooking oil. For stubborn food residue, preheat the grill on high for 15 minutes, with the lid closed, and then brush the grates clean with a stainless-steel grill brush. 

Flame Tamers 

To clean your flame tamers, first burn off excess grease by setting your grill knobs to the high setting. Let your grill run for a few minutes then allow your grill to cool completely. Scrape the flame tamers with a plastic scraper or stainless-steel grill brush. 


With the burner knobs set to “off,” and the propane tank properly removed, use a clean stainless-steel bristle grill brush to clean the outside of the burners by brushing across the top of the burner portholes. For a deeper clean, remove the burners and use a stiff wire and compressed air to remove debris inside the burners. 

Burner Box 

Look inside the burner box for any grease accumulation or leftover food residue. Excessive accumulation can cause flare-ups.   Use a plastic scraper to scrape debris off the sides and bottom of the burner box into the opening in the bottom of the burner box that leads into the slide- out grease tray.  

Grease Tray 

Remove the slide-out grease tray by pulling the tray out from underneath the burner box. 

Scrape off excess grease with a plastic scraper. Wash with a mild soap and warm water solution. 

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