At TYTUS, we’re on a mission to transform outdoor living. And it all starts with our revolutionary TYTUS Grills – the first grill to combine high-end cooking performance, game-changing style, and best-in-class assembly convenience. 

Imagine spending the better part of a summer’s day struggling to put together your new grill. The experience of assembling a grill is universally frustrating. At TYTUS, that experience inspired us to create our patented, transformative grilling system. 

TYTUS redesigned grills from the ground up. TYTUS Grills are the easiest to assemble, while also being the most comprehensively stylish and trend-forward of any grill product in the market. Our grills assemble effortlessly in about five minutes, without parts, tools, headaches, or hassle. Adding two premium side-carts completes the custom island look in just a few more minutes.

TYTUS offers premium features like 12,000 BTU of cooking power per burner, heavy gauge stainless steel grates for years of grilling, and a double-walled hood with cast aluminum sides for better heat retention. Add our side-carts for convenient storage, a powerful side burner for boiling, sautéing, and frying, and a built-in ice bucket to keep meats chilled or your favorite beverages cold and within easy reach. 

Best of all, TYTUS Grills are designed to look like custom built-in outdoor kitchens that can cost thousands of dollars just for installation. TYTUS makes a design statement in any backyard, patio, or deck. TYTUS transforms a traditional grill into a beautiful, open-air kitchen centerpiece.

Transform your outdoors.